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Xbox 360 RGH

~Xbox 360 Console Prices~

  • Xbox 360 Black Slim Console Only ($190)*
  • Xbox 360 Send-in Service($90)*

~Xbox 360 Add ons~

  • Console ROL LEDs ($10)
  • Console Fan LEDs ($30)
  • Remote Console LEDs ($50)
  • Sound Chip HDMI Sonus ($80)
  • Power Brick ($30)
  • HDMI Cable ($15)
  • AV Cable ($15)
  • 250GB Hard Drive ($50)
  • 2TB Hard Drive ($120)

~Console Repair~

  • Disc Drive Laser Repair ($50)

More Information

Consoles only’ means that it comes with only a console, no cords, cables, controllers or Hard Drives unless otherwise purchased.

*These prices include shipping to your address and most packages are 2 days shipping once shipped.

Orders could take up to 15 business days to fulfill.

All consoles come preloaded with NCAA Revamped if your console has or you have purchased a hard drive.

Send in Console

Send your console to:

PO Box 130 Brightwood VA 22715 – Dillon Hoffman

I do not need cables or controllers but I do need your hard drive if you want NCAA revamp preloaded.